An Intergenerational Family Squabble

Dear Italian readers,

Watch this short video. A Sicilian grandmother is talking to her granddaughter who lives in the U.K.
The old Italian woman is speaking in Sicilian and the kid doesn’t understand a word and responds to her grandmother in gibberish trying to imitate her sound. The little girl doesn’t speak Sicilian or Italian but she wants to give it a try in a funny way.
Isn’t language fantastic? How similar is this kid’s behavior to our method of learning Italian We should all emulate this kid’s spirit in our classes.
Welcome to our 2016 Winter session!

Click on the picture to watch the short video


50 songs learning Italian

How can you learn a language with music? The new communicative method is an even better way to remember words, lexicon, and accents.

Click here for 50 songs to listen (with lyrics) to hear some tunes for Italian language learners of many different levels.

Today, we chose this favorite by Paolo Conte (click to see his bio).

Did you like it? We already talked about tarantella (because our teachers in NonPlida classes are also musician, did you know?) and other old Italian folk music. But Conte, a famous blues singer, wrote other well known songs for Adriano Celentano. One became a famous anthem for sports games: AZZURRO, like the color of national team soccer.

Music had an important role in social changes during the last 50 years, didn’t?