Beyond soccer, there is not only a meaning of sport

We won the last soccer match ITALIA vs ENGLAND, but now ITALIA vs GERMANY is a historic match that reminds us of how many Italians have emigrated to Germany

For this reason, our word of the day is ACCETTATO: past participle of ACCETTARE (TO ACCEPT, TO ADMIT). In this case BE ACCEPTED BY… society.

In fact, in this great old movie, famous actor Nino Manfredi played a brilliant role as an Immigrant in Switzerland with a lot of job problems in the Seventies.


Means of Transport


A lot of people know the old famous Neapolitan song “Funiculi Funicula“, but just a few know that this song was written when the Funiculare (Funicular) was built at the end of XIX century. Here a video by a foreign turists that enjoyed this mezzo di trasporto in the Capri Island.

But have you ever seen this beautiful poliziesco movie so loved by American director Quentin Tarantino? We call “Film d’inseguimento” (in pursuit of).

It was inspired by FUNICOLARE too. From a stereotype to the Literature Fantasy.


Si comincia!

Buongiorno Estate!
We are starting our blog at the beginning of summer 2012! What a nice occasion to interact with our students and share our passion for teaching Italian.

Italian is the language of music, art, cinema, fashion, cuisine, literature, poetry and philosophy, and it is also the language of 60 million residents of the Bel Paese and Italians all over the world.

Stay tuned to this blog to learn about our lessons. And if you are planning a trip to Italy you can learn about also what to say when you get there. We hope that all of our readers will contribute your thoughts and comments about Italian culture in this space.

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