#LAFRASECHEAMO – The Italian Phrase I Love

Spring session of Italian class in Cambridge, Massachusetts is going to start March 24th.

In the meantime, is there a phrase or a particular sentence that you like in Italian? Do you know of a way of saying, a verb that you like to remember?  Perhaps even a catchphrase that you listened to in a song; read in a book or you think it is beautiful?

Film a short video and explain why you love it. Upload here until April 30th 2015 !

Best clips will be selected and awarded.








Fall Session 2014

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The new season is upon us, and we’re ready for a new set of Italian classes for beginners, false beginners, intermediates, as well as review lessons Non-Plida and new syllabus of lessons for advanced students under the Plida Certification.

Our classes are always lively, fun and interactive, as you’ll see in the cooking presentation video below from our student Lucia. We don’t want to go so far to say “throw grammar from the train,” but we like to do hands on practice before starting on grammar – “prima la pratica e poi la grammatica.”

What did you do this summer? Did you go somewhere cool on vacation, or have a delicious barbeque? Tell us all about it in Italian on the first day of class!

Benedetta Rossi and the final presentation in a beginner class

My name is Benedetta Rossi and I grew up in Bologna, a little city in the Northeast of Italy. I moved to Boston in 2009 to follow my husband, who is a researcher in immunology at MGH.
This is my third year at Dante Alighieri Society as a teacher, and I like this experience. I feel like at home.

I received degrees in classical studies in Bologna.
Also, I attended the “ Alma Mater Studiorum” of the University of Bologna with a focus in Italian, Latin and Greek grammar and literature.

In Italy, I started teaching at High School, Gymnasium and Lyceum, in 2002. I taught Italian, Latin and Greek grammar and literature. Also, I taught Philosophy and History. In Boston I am currently engaged as a Language Instructor at Dante Alighieri Society and, also, I am Teacher of Italian at Nempac Institute in the North End. I also taught at Cambridge Adult of Education, along in an elementary school and a community center in Boston.

In the 2013 I started doing the speaker at the radio show “News in slow Italian” (www.newsinslowitalian.com) along with actor and speaker Emanuele Capoano.This programme is directed to students desiring to improve comprehension of Italian through radio listening.

People say that I have an excellent ability to interact with colleagues and to act as a team player, developed during my experience as a school teacher, and an outstanding ability to interact with students, who regularly express appreciation for my patience and courtesy.

The Dante Alighieri Society is a great place to be and to learn and breathe the Italian language, culture and atmosphere. I love to teach here, love the PLIDA philosophy of teaching, and love love love to learn with my students. To learn a new language and culture is amazing!

In fact, here below I will attach a final presentation’s link of a student in the BEGINNER CLASS. I’m so proud of all of them.

Click here to see: Italiano 101 – Angela Livino.pptx

My e-mail address is: benedetta.rossi.PLIDA@gmail.com

Si comincia!

Buongiorno Estate!
We are starting our blog at the beginning of summer 2012! What a nice occasion to interact with our students and share our passion for teaching Italian.

Italian is the language of music, art, cinema, fashion, cuisine, literature, poetry and philosophy, and it is also the language of 60 million residents of the Bel Paese and Italians all over the world.

Stay tuned to this blog to learn about our lessons. And if you are planning a trip to Italy you can learn about also what to say when you get there. We hope that all of our readers will contribute your thoughts and comments about Italian culture in this space.

Ci vediamo a lezione!