RAPPORTO P.L.I.D.A. 2011-2015

E’ con grande piacere che annunciamo la presentazione di una pubblicazione veramente speciale per la Dante Alighieri di Boston. Ecco il Rapporto della didattica delle classi d’italiano P.L.I.D.A. 2011-2015 visibile a questo link. ←

Sono state elaborate le statistiche e i dati delle classi di studenti d’italiano, ma anche spiegato il nostro metodo, sia in italiano che in inglese, le strategie didattiche che si rifanno al Quadro Comune Europeo delle Lingue, i nomi di chi ha conseguito la certificazione d’italiano, e come sono strutturate le nostri lezioni.

Buona Lettura.

Clicca anche sull’immagine per scaricare il Rapporto Didattico PLIDA 2011-2015

della Dante Alighieri di Boston


PLIDA Certification Ceremony

Ciao a tutti!

We would like to congratulate all our brilliant students who successfully passed the  PLIDA exams and took the PLIDA certification!

Congratulazioni a Joe Castro, Nevila Dhima e Kris Adams per la certificazione PLIDA A1, Maxwell CoenJean Locicero Shankle per la certificazione PLIDA A2, Brooke Chamberlain Cook e  Carl Iovanni per la certificazione PLIDA B1,  Scott Sminkey, Henry DeBenedetto, Krysten Modrzejeski per la certificazione PLIDA  B2, Katherine Rao per la certificazione PLIDA B2 e C1!

Siamo orgogliosi di voi, siete studenti BRAVISSIMI!!!!

Here are a few pictures of the PLIDA certification ceremony during the last Open House, December 1st 2015.

Also, we would like to warmly thank our President, Mr Anthony Cassano for his support, Prof. Cecilia Mattii, Director of the PLIDA program, Sal Bramante, VP of the Dante Alighieri Society and Language Coordinator Maria Cristiano for overseeing the PLIDA Certification Project!

Congratualazioni a Katherine Rao per il conseguimento della certificazione PLIDA B2 e C1! Da sin. Emanuele Capoano, il presidente Anthony Cassano, la prof. Cecilia Mattii, la Language Coordinator Maria Cristiano e Katherine Rao.


Congratulazioni a Joe Castro per il conseguimento della certificazione PLIDA A1!! Da sin. Joe Castro, il presidente Anthony Cassano, la professoresssa Cecilia Mattii e la Language Coordinator Maria Cristiano.

Bravissima Kristen Modrzejeski per il conseguimento della certificazione PLIDA B2!!!

Congratulazioni a Henry DeBenedetto per il conseguimento della certificazione PLIDA B2!!!

Bravissimo Maxwell Cohen per il conseguimento della certificazione PLIDA A2!

Bravissimo Scott Sminkey per il conseguimento della certificazione PLIDA B2!

Congratulazioni a Jean Locicero Shankle per il conseguimento della certificazione PLIDA A2!

Da sin. Katherine Rao, Emanuele Capoano e Henry DeBenedetto.

La cerimonia della consegna dei diplomi di certificazione PLIDA.

Fall Session 2014

Ready for the fall? – SIGN UP HERE

The new season is upon us, and we’re ready for a new set of Italian classes for beginners, false beginners, intermediates, as well as review lessons Non-Plida and new syllabus of lessons for advanced students under the Plida Certification.

Our classes are always lively, fun and interactive, as you’ll see in the cooking presentation video below from our student Lucia. We don’t want to go so far to say “throw grammar from the train,” but we like to do hands on practice before starting on grammar – “prima la pratica e poi la grammatica.”

What did you do this summer? Did you go somewhere cool on vacation, or have a delicious barbeque? Tell us all about it in Italian on the first day of class!

Just waiting for the Spring session…

Ciao a tutti,

we are just preparing for the next session of exams in Italian for the Spring 2014. In the meanwhile, here finally some pictures from the Certification of Language’s Party held during our Open House in the last December.

These students have accomplished their proficiency certified in Italian, called PLIDA, (see the link to know better) in the session of exam 2013 and 2012.


Certification PLIDA November 2013

Lino Rullo, Cecilia Mattii and Maria Cristiano (with the student Judy Jarashow)

Lino Rullo, Cecilia Mattii (and the student Chris Mascara)

with the student Allyson Longley

with the student Danielle Fox


The PLIDA Exams: Our students’ Certification Ceremony

Left, Prof.Maria Cristiano - Language Coordinator; in the middle Prof.Cecilia Mattii - Education Committee; on the right Prof. Carmen Merolla Language Examinator and Former Plida Language Coord.; behind, Laura Clerici


Here are the pictures of the PLIDA certification ceremony for the students that passed the May 2012 session.

M.Cristiano and Rose M.Adamo who passed the Level A1 Plida

M.Cristiano and Peter Czarnecki who passed the Levels A1 in November 2011 and Level A2 in May 2012

M.Cristiano and Caterina Rao who passed the Level A2

Prof. Spencer DiScala, President, and Megan Cuocco Hempstead who passed the level A1

M.Cristiano and Henry DeBenedetto who passed the Level A1

M.Cristiano and John Cannon who passed the Level A1

President Prof. DiScala, M.Cristiano and Thomas Barbar who passed the Level A1

Congratulations also to Brigitte Anelli who wasn’t present at the party, but she passed the Level A1 in May 2012, too. Last but not least, we don’t forget the “brava” Allison Longley who passed the level A2 and now she won a scholarship to study in Italy.

Thank you also to Comm. Lino Rullo, President of Education Committee for his efforts.

President Prof. DiScala, Prof. Maria Cristiano and Prof. Carmen Merolla

Thank you also to our President Comm. Spencer Di Scala, PhD, and Prof. Cecilia Mattii for going ahead with PLIDA certification project

In addition, we asked our students why you should learn Italian. We chose the following response as the best one. It is explains why studying Italian can make all the difference.

I grew up listening to the sounds of the Italian language spoken by my grandparents and my mother, but I never learned to speak Italian.  As teenagers, all four of my grandparents emigrated from Sicily to Boston.  As first generation Americans, my parents were determined to raise me as an “American”.   Assimilation, not multiculturalism, was the driving force of the day.  Therefore, although the Italian ladies of the neighborhood would visit and speak Italian with my mother, only English was spoken to me.  It is my dream to learn Italian, perhaps live for a period of time In Italy, and finally understand those beautiful sounds from my childhood.  (R.M.Adamo)