Congratulations to Jennifer Luoma and Allison Longley: they won a scholarship to study in Italy

We knew it! had already written here about the fact that this fall Allison Longley could be the first of a long series of Dante Alighieri School fellows.

Click to watch this video (30 seconds long) to see what Longley said when she won one month of intensive Italian language courses offered in November by Scuola Dante Alighieri di Camerino

Now Dante Alighieri of Camerino in the Marche region of Italy donated another grant to allow a student to have a wonderful Italian language and culture experience. Her name is Jennifer Luoma, another one of our students. Congratulations!!!

The fellowship is awarded to a student who has shown special interest in Italian language and has successfully completed level A1 by November 2011.

Allison Longley completed class 106 for level A2 and passed the PLIDA examination. Allison works now, but she attended BU and during her college courses she studied at Universita’ of Padova, Italy, for a summer project. Our teacher Maria Cristiano said this about her: “Allison is a very motivated student and it was a pleasure to have her in class”.

Jennifer Luoma won a grant at 50%, after Allison. Jennifer has followed our Plida courses since they have started. She wants to study Italian language until PLIDA level C2, the most advanced. During her time in the Army, she was in Italy for a couple of years.  Last year she retired, but now she wants to continue her studies at Lassell Colloge in MA. All of her teachers said that Jennifer is a student with a lot of vitality.